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Just a cup of coffee - And I'll think about you!

Shazaf Masood Sidhu

The heart no longer ached ..

The heart no longer ached ..

20th Sept - 2020


As per my usual routine; reached hospital at dot 6:15 and just like my very usual grabbed coffee for myself, at dot 6:40 am reached my ward; Everything almost was going as per routine with nothing new apparently, but even though there was an awkward silence that didn’t match my vibe at all, at first i totally ignored but it was constant and worrisome, later the same day while i was half-way through my followups and was about to meet my patients, some of my postcall friends showed up and said ‘There is a code running on your patient- its hard for him to revive..’ 

my reaction to this was completely blank or maybe my mind couldn’t perceive for i knew death and life is in the hands of the author above yet my heart and my mind both couldn’t synch - ‘C207b’ I entered the room and saw an isoelectric line with some glitches and a few people waiting for the glitches to get over so the death time declared at 8:22 and life seized but the world doesn’t stop.. just within the next 10 minutes the body was wrapped, ambulance arrived .. the tears were no longer fresh, the heart no longer ached .. 

later my consultant & I were thinking we both knew his condition wasn’t good but we both didn’t expect an early farewell ..

but then life has its own ways to prove you wrong ..  

The next in a row is a new day, new chances, new life?! .. 

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